Meet The Founders

Anthony O'Brien

Co-Founder / CEO


Thomas Chandler

Co-Founder / COO


Our Story

Anthony and Thomas, had been entrepreneurs for 5+ years before starting Spartan Consulting! They explored various industries such as clothing, Airbnb, real estate, + more! Though, they realized that all of their business ventures kept coming face-to-face with the same challenge that had held them back from long-term success every single time. This was…lack of funding! Insufficient funding meant they couldn't innovate, expand, hire or advertise! On the other hand, keeping the same systems in place wasn't earning them enough money to do any of those either. After multiple failed businesses, they were finally introduced to business credit funding! Since then, Anthony and Thomas have made it their mission to help other motivated individuals secure the funds needed to go all in on their projects. They know exactly what it's like to not be able to build your vision, because you don't have access to the funds needed. Since 2019, Spartan Consulting has helped hundreds of business owners and has since acquired $23,800,000+ in funding!