Is your credit stopping you from getting the approvals and purchases you’d like? 


Most people have to settle for high-interest loans, credit card debt, and even unfavorable apartments because
Their low credit score shuts the door on better options that are out there.
However, no matter what credit position you may be in,
We are able to help our partners escape their low credit scores in as little as 90 days.
We have provided removal services for:
  • Collections 
  • Charge offs 
  • Medical bills 
  • Repossessions 
  • Evictions 
  • Bankruptcies 
  • Foreclosures 
  • Inquires 


We spent the last 4 years refining our POWER Credit Strategy so that
You can have the power to select the most favorable financial option for yourself.
By using the POWER Strategy, we’ve been able to achieve results like these:
We use our strategy to: 
  • Prepare a Personalized Credit Improvement Plan
  • Organize and Optimize Your Finances
  • Watch for Errors and Discrepancies
  • Establish Prime Payment Strategies
  • Request Additional Credit Lines and Credit Limit Increases
So that you can start to see REAL results in as easy as 30-45 days!
We set you up with the knowledge, skills, and tools required so that
You can use your credit to live a life with minimal financial worry.
We want to offer you a complimentary credit evaluation where we’ll
Take a look at your credit reports, identify areas for improvement, and demonstrate a viable plan to get your score where it needs to be.
If you’re ready to start enjoying the perks of having good credit,
Then book your complimentary credit evaluation below!